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Cael [userpic]

I am really considering starting Herbal supplements, at least Tribulus. I am personally against taking hormones so I am just really looking for a little something to just make a few subtle changes.

I just have a few questions regarding Tribulus.
- Where is the best place to buy it? Online? Store?
- Pros and Cons that you personally have experienced taking it?
- And what about dosage? I'm 5'2 about 120 lbs, just incase that factors in.

And of course any other information is greatly appreciated.


I took trib for about 2 months before I started T proper, and was quite pleased with the results. I posted about it in this community, if you scroll back through the comments you should find the posts I made them.

the only comment I would make about it is that you need to take LARGE doses, in the region of 20-30 *grams* (from memory) for it to have any real effect. Most supplements contain only tiny amounts, usually under the 1000 milligram (ie, less than 1 gram) range. for masculinisation, this amount would be useless.

I bought my trib tablets over the counter in a healthfood/vitamin shop, and they worked out around $1AUD (about 90c) per day.

hope this helps

hey dude i also recently posted about the herbs that im taking so feel free to check that out and ask any questions etc. so far im really happy with what im taking and really glad that im not taking synthetic hormones.

i would suggest finding a herbalist to help you out with dosages etc too.

good luck.